Beach Club

An Introduction

Step on into the Beach Club where the party is in full swing. There is a sunlounger with your name on it and a cocktail waiting. This piece is your reminder of barefoot, carefree days spent in the sunshine with your favourite people. Inspired by a hen do in Mallorca and packed full of real stories, it brings happy holiday vibes straight into your home. Created using an intentionally soft colour palette to reflect that laid back, luxury, lifestyle.

Whilst you relax on your sunbed why not enjoy a spot of people watching. Look out for Fenella embarrassing her son Max with her cheeky cocktails over by the bar.  There is an impressive dance off where Rachel takes on Turquoise Shorts Man. And Clare (we’ve all been there), who has had a few too many and despite being fast asleep, won’t relinquish her wine glass. 

Your Stories

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Clare & Paula

If you would like to feature in the next painting and have a story to share

The Full List

Jake, Emily and Florence, , Melanie, Jemma, Francesca and Jenna, Sarah, Jenni, Rachel, Paula, Nicx, Sarah C, Sarah G, Laura, Lou, Clare, Ems, D, Turquoise Shorts Guy, Neil & his Muse, Emilia, Izzy, Louise, Max Gary and Fenella, Caroline, Aila & her three besties. Simone, Amanda, Sally, Karen, Susan, Claire, Bernadette, Jo and the ‘Tena Ladies’

Simone and the ‘Tena Ladies’

Simone went on holiday to Tenerife for the first time with a bunch of girlfriends.
“We laughed, lived and lounged….
We drank, dozed and danced
We became known as ‘The Tena ladies”, we were a bunch of 10.”

Aila and her friends

Just simply enjoying floating around the pool at a beach club in Ibiza. Aila even sent in a quick sketch to show exactly what she wanted! 

Fenella, Gary & Max

We ordered some cocktails recently and everytime they put them down my husband started laughing. The pictures he took will tell you why, my teenage son didn’t know what to say! 

Sarah, Jenni, Rachel, Paula, Nicx, Sarah C, Sarah G, Laura, Lou, Clare, Ems, D, Turquoise Shorts Guy.

So this is Jenni’s story, the inspiration for the painting. At her best mate’s hen do in Mallorca, Turquoise Shorts guy swaggers over to initiate a dance off. Rachel, cousin of the bride-to-be pulls out all the moves and drops to the floor. Meanwhile one of the party had too much to drink (shocker) and despite being fully asleep she just wouldn’t relinquish her wine glass!  

Melanie, Jemma, Francesca & Jenna

Melanie and her three best friends on her hen do being the ones to bring the party to life dancing whilst everyone else tried to lay in their most flattering angles.


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